Prepress Specs

We make sure your image is pixel perfect


Fonts should be provided or converted to outlines.

File Format

Packaged native file formats such as InDesign, Illustrator or layered Photoshop files, are preferred over flattened layouts or PDFs.

Die Line

Vector paths should be provided for any items that require custom shape die-cutting.


Please provide bleeds for any files intended to have bleeds and check with our team on how much your custom project needs.

Color Matching

We match PMS colors as close as possible. Please mark your PMS colors clearly in our files and we will match them. Color press proofs available for an additional fee.

Build at Scale

Build your files at 100% or for large projects build them at 10%.

Working with

Vector Files

We love working with your vector files. Our highly trained pre-press department stays up-to-date with the latest industry standard software programs and can support all of your vector file formats. Send us your native Adobe Illustrator files with fonts or submit an EPS file with fonts converted to outlines. If you are working in Adobe InDesign, just package your files with all links and fonts you used and simply upload your file through our website. Concerned about file size? Not to worry there, we support large files with ease and our FTP can handle up to 10GB. Should your files be larger, just email a member of our team and we will send you a private upload link.

Working with

Raster Files

Smaller Than 120″

Images output onto material up to 120″ wide will need a minimum of 100ppi at final size for premium color and clear image quality. The resolution of your raster files must be native, not manufactured – adding resolution to a low resolution file does not enhance the final outcome of your image. Designing your layout in Adobe Photoshop? Just built your files at 100% at a minimum of 100ppi.

Larger Than 120″

Working on a big project like a billboard or building wrap? We can print up to 196″ without seams. These larger images require a minimum of 80ppi at final size. (Exception: Files with type smaller than 5″ in character height must have a minimum of 100ppi at final size.)

Raster File Types
  • Layered Adobe Photoshop  (.psd)
  • Layered Adobe Photoshop Large Format  (.psb)
  • TIFF Files (.tiff)
Working with


Convert RGB to CMYK and clearly mark Pantone colors in your file. Our team will match your PMS colors as close as possible. Working with white ink in your design? Just mark your white ink areas with a spot color.

Need to see how your colors and images will look before your project prints? We can provide press proofs of full size crops, color swatches, miniatures, and even prototypes.

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